Saturday, 3 November 2012

Colouring in.

So I sat with my son determined to draw and colour and collage. I long for more uninterrupted moments like these where I can cultivate quiet in my mind long enough to sit close to him and breathe in his concentration and curiosity. I had to almost physically hold myself down from doing my usual 'picking things up around the house' dance, a habit I do often as it seems to be the easiest way to distract myself from sad thoughts. I'd like that habit to be replaced by making things with my hands, sitting at our dining table with a whole bunch of pens and paints and brushes and crayons, absorbed in a drawing as my son, sitting next to me, chooses which colour to use next. And in the end, i would hope that my habit for more colouring in time with my son wouldn't just be for the purpose of distracting myself,like so many of the things I do these days are. In the end, It would just be a very normal natural thing to do. I wouldn't be trying to run away from something that feels much bigger than I can handle.

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